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From working with aggregate suppliers in Florida to get you the best material rates, to aggregate hauling statewide – T. Disney has you covered for any size job.

Aggregate Suppliers In Florida

For the last 40 years, we’ve partnered with hundreds of local mining facilities and rock quarries throughout Florida.

That means we’re able to negotiate the best rates on aggregates for any size job, while also transporting everything wherever your job is.

Which Aggregates Can We Help You Source?

Take a look at each of the categories and specific aggregates to see what’s available.
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Fill Dirt / Sand / Shell Aggregates

Fill Dirt

Material used to fill in a large dip or hole in the ground. Also useful for artificially changing elevation or “slope” of a natural landscape.


Called such because it usually comes from (and is placed on) the last few inches near the top of the soil. Unlike fill dirt, topsoil is typically free of large rocks and any other debris.

A-3 Sand

Typical examples: Blow sand, some beach sands, or stream/river sand with little to no gravel content. Relatively durable and drains pretty freely.

Screening Sand

Coarse-grained mix of sand and gravel. Typically used to set your flagstone and other stepping stones.

Paver Sand

Another coarse-grained sand useful for projects like paver patios, walkways, etc.

Concrete Sand

Often made of granite, gneiss, or limestone and is highly versatile when it comes to uses. Drains well. Sometimes used as an ingredient in asphalt or cement mixtures. See also: leveling the ground, keeping pipes and stones in place.

Concrete Fines

Looking for a sustainable alternative to natural stone-based aggregates? Use this material, recycled from concrete aggregates.

Rock Aggregates

#89 Stone

Much smaller (“pea-size”) than 57 stone. Used for driveways, concrete/asphalt mix, irrigation, or placed as a top layer on gravel roads.

Base Rock

A dense blend of both fine and coarse aggregate. Typically used in establishing or refilling a roadway or parking area.

Rip Rap (multiple sizes available)

Large aggregate material used as a breakwater. Typically intended to reduce scouring or erosion of shorelines and structures (ex. bridges).

Shell-based Aggregates

Bank Run Shell

Made up of dirt, shell rock, clay, and sand. Great drainage. Typical uses include road projects, parking lots (as a base), etc.

Washed Shell (3 sizes available)

Shells varying from small to large. Often used as a sustainable, free-draining alternative to using gravel or stone for driveways, paths, and more.

FDOT Shell Base

Made of shell rock and screened to meet FDOT spec, commonly used for roadways and parking areas.

Road Materials


Standard asphalt used for everything from road construction, parking lots, and pathways.


A recycled form of asphalt, usually used as a gravel alternative in parking lot and road projects.

Crushed Concrete

Crushed concrete is the recycled form of concrete.

Looking For An Aggregate Supplier In Florida?

We can handle your aggregate sourcing and hauling for any size job.