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What’s It Like to Work At T. Disney Trucking?

Billing Manager Yaksitis Campbell Talks Aggregates, Teamwork, & Office Culture


Yaksitis Campbell is T. Disney Trucking’s billing manager. She joined the team in December 2018 as a general admin and served as a billing lead and project manager before being promoted to her current role. We asked Yaksitis a few honest questions about working in the T. Disney offices. Here’s what she had to say:

Did you know much about aggregates when you started, or were you looking for somewhere to use your business skills? No matter your baseline knowledge of aggregates, how much would you say you’ve learned in your time here?

No, I knew absolutely nothing about aggregates before I started here! I had just moved to Florida from New York after having my first son and was looking to get back to work. I worked in retail management in NY and saw an opportunity to start a new career. In my time here, I have learned more about aggregates and trucking than I ever thought I would, and I am still learning something new every day.



What’s your favorite part of your work? Working with numbers, customer relationships, your colleagues, or something else?

My favorite part of my job is problem-solving; it allows me to never have the same day. There is always a need for something in this industry, and I like being the one with the answers to those needs. My colleagues are the best part of my work. I have the best time with them. 

You need people in this industry—it’s a lot of relationship-building, and you create bonds. You push, and they push you, even if you work in different departments or positions. And to make just one job happen, you need all of them.

What’s a typical day like in the offices? Quiet, fun, fast-paced? What makes it a good work environment?

Nothing in this office is quiet! It is always fun and always fast-paced. The people make it the best place to be. The process may be the same, but there is always some crazy new story to hear or to tell about the trucking world.


You’ve been able to succeed and advance in all your roles—any insights into your ability to excel? Great training, natural affinity for the tasks, supportive atmosphere?

Curiosity and asking an unnecessary number of questions. Every question I have ever asked, I’ve gotten an answer. That’s allowed me to then have the answer for someone or something else. 

My training was great! But in an industry where nothing is the same every day, I get support for the unknown from the people I’m with, and that’s what has helped me in my roles here.

Any sweet or funny anecdotes about your work that you’d like to share?

I see this place like “The Office” on TV, we all drive each other crazy, but we are one big family there for each other.

What would you tell potential new coworkers is the best thing about working here?

There is always food! Seriously, though, it is the best second home I could have ever asked for. It’s all about the people here all the time.


What would you tell potential customers about why they should use T. Disney for their projects?

Dependability, trustworthiness, and product knowledge. 

We are small enough that you get great people to help you with your project step by step. We have been around long enough to know what we are talking about and do everything we can to deliver what we promise.

Be Part of the T. Disney Tradition

Many thanks to Yaksitis for being so open about who we are and what we do. We’ve been around for over 40 years, and if you’d like to be a part of the T. Disney family, we welcome new subcontractors, drivers, and support staff with open arms. Just fill out a subcontracting form or employment form, submit it, and someone will promptly reach out to you.


If you’ve already got a job but need us to help you with your next commercial or residential construction project, you can get in touch with us about that, too! We love meeting new friends and building new relationships. We’ve got a terrific office staff, the best dispatchers, and over 1,000 drivers ready to get your materials to you 24/7.