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5 Ways To Save Money On Your Next Florida Construction Project

With the rising cost in materials and labor, who wouldn’t appreciate saving an extra dollar or two?

As a Florida trucking company that specializes in sourcing and hauling aggregate, our clients are no exception.
That’s why we wanted to share a few of our best tips to saving money on your next construction project.

1. Cost Effective Aggregate Sourcing

Given materials are a core part of any project’s budget, the way you go about sourcing them has a massive impact on your profit(s).

There are two ways to look at it:

Choosing The Right Aggregates – It’s important to know the best aggregates for Florida projects specifically.

For example, a roadwork job’s aggregates need to meet the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) requirements.
With construction in general, it’s important to know which aggregates are appropriate to withstand Florida’s tropical and subtropical climate.

Choosing The Right Aggregate Source – The right supplier or person sourcing can help with the step above.

Beyond that, it’s important to know any limitations up front.
Will they be able to deliver on time?

How much and how quickly are they able to supply what you need?

At T. Disney Trucking, you benefit from having a one-stop shop for each part of the process.

We’ve built strong relationships with suppliers and can help you source AND transport any aggregates, anywhere in the state of Florida.

And since we have built good relationships with our vendors throughout the last four decades, we are often able to get your aggregates at better rates than you would alone.

2. Avoiding Planning Errors

Saving money starts well before you even order aggregates for your job.

If you’ve been involved with projects even just a couple of years, you likely know how often “life happens”. That includes sometimes coming up short in regard to having enough material to complete a job.

Other times, something goes wrong on the job site and you need to haul in additional aggregates to correct the issue.

Double-checking the size and scope of your project saves money by:

  • Reducing delays and/or missed deadlines
  • Allowing you to benefit from bulk ordering
  • Keeping stress and loss of morale or productivity at a minimum

When things are moving fast it’s the little things that slip by.

3. The Flipside Of Bulk Order: Just-in-Time Buying

Although bulk ordering is a great way to slash your prices, it’s only worth it if you use what you buy

Otherwise, it’s just going to need to be hauled away to be used elsewhere. Depending on what’s involved to do that, it might not be worth it.

That’s where a just-in-time approach comes in.

When you order exactly what’s needed, only when it’s needed:

  • There’s less potential on-site storage expense
  • Less chance of paying to have contractors around before they’re able to start
  • And again, less risk of overspending

4. Leveraging Technology

Thanks to the rise of telematics, project managers and fleet owners alike can save money and operate more efficiently.

Information is relayed in real-time and results in:

  • Superior, up-to-the-minute communication
  • Faster routes and delivery times
  • Less fuel expense
  • Insurance savings
  • Enhanced tracking and security of each load

By knowing where your load is at any given time, you’ll be able to run your job site at max efficiency.

You’ll also benefit from working with a company like ours who has this data, as it allows us to keep costs reasonable through our own savings (ex. Fuel, maintenance, insurance, etc.)

5. Choosing A Trucking Company That Acts As A Partner

Ok, we might be a little biased here.

But working with a trucking company who will treat your crew and project as its own just makes sense!

No matter what size job you have coming up, or how tight your timeline gets, working with us means you have:

  • A fleet of 1,000+ haulers at the ready
  • 24/7 hauling anywhere throughout Florida
  • A team of trucking professionals that are on-time and easy to deal with

Naturally, this all results in keeping YOUR costs at a minimum.

No high risk of projects getting delayed or unprofessional crew putting a damper on your job site’s safety or morale.

Just good, old fashioned client-first service.

Have a project coming up in Florida?

Even if you just want to get your questions answered first, take the first step now and contact us today or request a quote to see how we can help.