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The Secret To Safer, More Efficient Aggregate Hauling

As you may have noticed, we’re big on safety and on-time deliveries here at T. Disney Trucking.

Thankfully, the trucking industry is always evolving to support that.

With the rise of innovations like telematics, we have a treasure trove of data and insights we can use to help your project’s hauling go smoothly.

In fact, thanks to mobile apps, you can get real-time access to the same data!

Below, let’s look at several examples and how they keep every aggregate transport running at max efficiency with minimal safety risks.

First, let’s start at the beginning.

What Are Telematics?

The name itself comes from combining the words ‘telecommunication’ (remote communication) and informatics (processing data).

In plain english:

The heart of a lot of the data that’s available is a GPS tracker, as you’d expect. As data is available, a telematics system zips that data to us (and you) once it’s converted into useful chunks of information.

According to a recent 2019 Telematics Benchmark Report, 55% of fleets reported reduced fuel costs and 42% saw fewer safety incidents.

As for specific telematics and how they benefit you, let’s dive into those examples.

Telematic #1: Vehicle/Driver Location

As you know, the industry moves fast.

When you’re working on a project here in Florida, or anywhere for that matter, you no doubt want to know the trucking company you work with is running on time.

With telematics, you can!

We personally partner with Tread Technologies for this.

You can see your job in motion right from a mobile app and get real-time ETAs to job sites.

No more having to stress or waste your valuable time making calls to confirm how long hauling your aggregates will take.

The same goes for those rare moments something unexpected comes up.

For example, if a driver gets held up by a random DOT inspection en route to your job site, you will still have a clear idea of when they will arrive.

Telematic #2: Driver Behavior

Reckless or aggressive driving would put our trucking company and the assets we’re hauling for you at risk.

That’s why, on top of mandatory safety meetings every month, we enable telematics throughout our fleet to reveal:

  • Any time a “hard braking” occurs
  • Excessive accelerations/speeding
  • Hard cornering

Plus, any otherwise aggressive driving behavior.

The obvious benefit to this is accountability.

All of our drivers and contractors keep things professional on the road and on the job site. However, we know when things get busy and deadlines are tight it can be tempting to bend the rules.

Telematics allows us to keep that from occurring in real-time.

This ensures your materials arrive on time instead of delayed by, for example, an accident or traffic stop as a result of poor driving.

Telematic #3: Optimized Routes

This is more of a result of telematics.

Not only are our trucking services available throughout Florida 24/7, telematics allows us to minimize the time it takes to reach you.

The obvious benefit of optimized routes is being able to meet your project’s timeline.

However, it also allows us to take a chunk out of overall fuel costs.

As a result, our overhead is reduced and that can mean reduced operating costs, which benefits our company and our clients through our pricing.

Telematic #4: Engine Diagnostics

We already inspect our fleet before and after each shift.

That said, telematics allows us to be aware of any potential maintenance issue in real-time.

We won’t bore you with all the nitty-gritty details of what we’re able to monitor.

However, it’s worth mentioning in general because it means less risk of breakdowns for us and less risk of delays for you!

Plus, safety and on-time aggregate transport start with keeping our fleet properly maintained.

Telematic #5: Vehicle Activity

This would be especially useful in instances where you’re not able to be on-site during a delivery.

Our telematic-enabled fleet can even display more granular details like vehicle activity, such as when tail lifts are raising, loads are being released, or even when a truck’s doors are open.

The Bigger Picture: Improved Safety, Efficiency & Costs For All

Even the benefits of telematics that only apply to the trucking company side of things can still indirectly benefit your project.

This includes:

  • Improved vehicle performance
  • Staying ahead of compliance issues
  • Reduced speeding tickets
  • Superior, up-to-the-minute communication
  • Insurance savings
  • Enhanced tracking and security of each load

Plus, the overall reduction of operating costs that telematics can empower.

All these things, and the five telematics or benefits mentioned above, all bring us right back to where this article started:

Improved safety and efficiency to keep you up to date on deliveries and your project’s timeline on track.

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