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Why owner operators partner with us

Most trucking owner/operators love what they do – The freedom of the open road, the pride that comes from being the heart of the American economy, and the thrill of carving out their own destiny.

At the same time, trucking is extremely challenging, full of dangerous conditions, long hours on the road, and time away from family and loved ones.

Why do they stay?

I’m not sure what keeps other owner/operators going, but I know why they chose to do business with T. Disney Trucking.

At T. Disney Trucking, we fuel the fire that makes our drivers proud of what they do.

  • We take pride in our community. We’ve been donating, participating, and serving the Florida community for over 40 years.
  • We reward the job well done. Drivers get more incentives with T. Disney Trucking, consistent pay, and plenty of work.
  • We love our family and want you to spend more time with yours. We know how important spending time with family is. T. Disney Trucking prioritizes work/life balance for their full-time employees, and they do the same for owner/operators. You never have to work more than you’re comfortable.

Looking for a change?

Trucking is hard enough, why not partner with someone who makes it easier? We love what we do, and we hope it shows. Our network of owner operators are truly our extended family. If you’re interested in driving with us, fill out an application today!